Make your content smarter.

Keywee analyzes your content and automatically promotes
it to qualified audiences to drive business results.


How it Works?


Keywee scans your content to understand what it is about.


Keywee finds audiences, based on your business goals, that are interested in the content.


Keywee automatically generates hundreds of variations of paid posts, targeting the qualified audiences.


Keywee drives better business results for your content marketing initiatives.

Why Keywee?


You can no longer count on organic traffic to your content so greater investments need to be made to paid media. Keywee will make sure your dollars are well spent by enabling an audience-driven approach to distributing and activating your content.


Whether you are optimizing for cost per click, page views, time on site, email signups, or social shares, Keywee will improve your results by making sure the right people see your content.


Every brand has a different content marketing strategy - objectives, target markets, etc. Keywee gives you a single platform to help all of your clients get their content in front of the right people and improve their business results, no matter what their objectives are.

Leverage your content with Keywee. Try Keywee out today.